About Uganda

The Uganda you love and admire

Uganda, your country destination was made a British Protectorate in 1894. It became an independent nation in 9th October, 1962. Ernest Hemingway, the Nobel Price. Winner for Literature wrote in “Green Hills of Africa”, 1935 (Scribner. New York):
“where a man feels at home, outside of where he’s born, is where he’s meant to go”

So welcome to Uganda your second home

Uganda is a tropical paradise nesting on the equator. It is a land gifted with green valleys, rolling hills, plains and misty forests. Several streams, rivers, and lakes with crystal clear water criss-cross and dot its landscape.

It is a plateau flanked in the east by Mount Elgon (14,101 feet). The snow-capped Ptolemy’s Mountain of the Moon also known as Ruwenzori – “the rain maker” (16,763 feet), leaps out of the earth on its western border. In the northern border are the Imatong mountain ranges of South Sudan; the highest peak, the Lowmaga stands at 8,649 feet. In the south eastern border is Lake Victoria (Nyanza) – the head waters of the Nile.

In his book “My African Journeys” Winston Spencer-Churchill (1907) described Uganda as:
“Pearl of Africa”

He echoed the description that had been made as early as 1858 by Captain John Hanning Speke and Richard Burton; and repeated once again in 1875 by Henry Morton Stanley- all of whom had been impressed by the fertility of the soil and the intelligence of its people.